Listed on Facebook TERMS AND CONDITIONS COOKIES POLICY PRIVACY POLICY Listed on Facebook PAGE 1 of 2 Certified Online Training Teaching chair based qigong is a rewarding career with great  prospects - you’ll be qualified and supported to do sessions on your own or employed in care home scenarios.  The training comes with “FREE” support via Skype. 275.00 Certified Chair Based Qigong Including all Admin & exam fees

The Qigong for health instructor is a course sought after by those who want to have a rewarding career. This is all-inclusive and comes with free support via Skype.  The end result is a self employed career teaching qigong to people who can benefit from this great exercise and health programme.

410.00 Certified Qigong Instructor Including all Admin & exam fees

Minimum 3 months home study

Minimum 6 months home study