Listed on Facebook TERMS AND CONDITIONS COOKIES POLICY PRIVACY POLICY Listed on Facebook PAGE 2 of 2 Online Training Courses page 1 A one day workshop on the subject of disability awareness. This can be for individuals, groups  or work place colleagues in businesses. A 3-hour workshop on learning and teaching  Chair Based Qigong routines. This is an ideal starter for anyone who cannot stand for long, or those professionals wanting to teach others. A 3-hour workshop based on the 5 ELEMENTS system of qigong developed by Andy Wright.  each element has 2 movements with healing sounds for each. A 3-hour workshop based on any one set of Shibashi Qigong developed by Lin Hou Sheng, with a free DVD included for each person.  Select from SET 1,2, or 3. Disability Awareness Chair Based Qigong 5-Element Qigong Shibashi Qigong