Listed on Facebook TERMS AND CONDITIONS COOKIES POLICY PRIVACY POLICY Listed on Facebook Instructor Training SHIBASHI INSTRUCTOR (MODULE ONE) 3 Month minimum basic module, COMPULSORY module A&P knowledge and Basic First Aid Certificate is required, PTTL or equivalent is recommended at your own cost. Location Wiltshire. 645.00 587.50+57.50 Registration +  exam fees PayPal: Add INSTRUCTOR ATTENDING M1 to cart SHIBASHI SET 1 (3 months) 150.00 PayPal: Add INSTRUCTOR MODULE 2 to cart SHIBASHI SET 1, 2 (6 months) 300.00 PayPal: Add INSTRUCTOR MODULE 3 to cart SHIBASHI SET 1, 2, 3 (9 months) 450.00 PayPal: Add INSTRUCTOR MODULE 4 to cart MODULES ADD ONE MODULE ONLY

The certified training course is set over 6 sessions minimum, one per month - usually on a weekend to allow working people to attend and situated in Westbury, Wiltshire.  The terms for this certified course are here. In any case, full support is offered to set up your own classes in your own area after you qualify.  

The certified programme consists of a 3 month core module (3 full day sessions) and then one other module, adding 3, 6, or 9 sessions to the core.  A full qualification can be obtained in minimum 6 months including face-to-face work and home study.  Part of the training is 3-5 assignments and one case study.

Where less than 6 people sign up at one time, an alternative venue may be chosen including the residential address to accommodate the numbers who have signed up.

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